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Family Photographer

Package One Photo Shoot Package £25.00

This package offers an upto 45 minute studio photo shoot for £25.00 and includes one 7x5 print. You can then purchase additional pictures from the shoot as required.

(This is based on two adults or two adults and their children up to the age of 18 years old .)

Once the shoot has been completed a selection of the best pictures are made and edited to enhance your pictures further.

Once this has been completed we can either arrange another date at our studio to view your pictures or I can come to your home so they can be viewed in the comfort of your own home.

If neither of these are convenient, you can also view the pictures online.

We, unlike a lot of high street photography studio's, like to be upfront about our prices of prints in order for you to best budget for your photoshoot.

To purchase prints after your photoshoot couldn’t be easier, each picture has its own code. Just quote this code along with size or style you require printed.

Prices for prints are as follows
7x5 £10.00
8x6 (A5 Size) £12.00
10x8 £14.50
12x8 (A4 Size) £19.50

16x12 (A3 Size) £29.00
Fridge magnets £4.50
Keyrings £3.50

Prices for 18mm canvas wraps are:
12x16 £65.00
16x22 £80.00
22x34 £95.00
34x34 £120.00

Prices for 38mm chunky gallery wrap are:
12x16 £80.00
16x24 £105.00
24x36 £120.00
36x36 £135.00

Low resolution Facebook images can be purchased but only if the same image has been purchased as a print these cost £4.00 each. Although they are not of printable quility they are great for sharing with friends and family

(Storyboard and photo montages are made at an additional cost of £12.50 per picture with a minimum print size of A4)

We can also supply stunning canvas and acrylic prints, prices are based on size and style required which can be discussed at time of order.

Worrying about what to wear?
We say something comfortable, warm and rich colours, jeans and a plain t-shirt/shirt work well for guys. Girls, we never tell a lady how to dress you know best ;-). But girls/guys best avoid patterns as they can be distracting.

What to bring?
Lots of happy faces and anything important you'd like to be in the photos such as your babies favourite toy, maybe a change of outfit for the little one, or a costume.

Bringing your childs favourite toy can help if they get a little restless during the shoot.

But if all else fails maybe some chocolate to bribe them :-)

Package Two DVD Photo Shoot Package £195.00

This Package is advised for those who would like a larger number of pictures.

This package offers a studio photo shoot of up to one hour, a DVD of a minimum of 20 high resolution images from the shoot along with either one A3 size 18mm luxury canvas wrap or ten prints one A4, four 10x8's and five 7x5's the choice of either is your and all for just £195.00.

(This is based on two adults or two adults and their children up to the age of 18 years old.)

With the DVD package we give you the following...

Once the shoot has been completed a selection of the best 20 pictures are made and edited to enhance them further.

3 copies of your images are then made, one in colour, one in black & white and the final in sepia this gives you a large number of images in different styles.

With our DVD package unlike the photo package, we give you a license of the images.

What this means is once your shoot has been completed and after the final edit and selection of the best pictures has been made. We suuply you a DVD. With this you are then free to use all the images however you like as many times as you like at no additional charge from us

However, if you do wish for us to print your images, The choice to use our printing service with your DVD package is entirely up to you with no pressure from us.

As with all our photographic sessions our aim is to get the best images possible in order for you to have treasured pictures you can share with friends/family members and enjoy for years to come....

We ask that any and all orders with regards to either package must be placed within 14 days of receiving login or DVD.

*Copyright to all images taken and usage for promotional basis are held by StorminPhotos with license to print given to DVD package clients. Any and all orders must be placed within 28 days of receiving either logins for photo shoot clients or DVD dependant on package selected.

**Due to young babies/Children unpredictability certain poses/results can not be guaranteed, However every effort is taken to ensure a fun and enjoyable shoot to result in the desired pictures being captured (Just a side note we haven't had any problems to date :-) )

***All orders are bespoke and as such confirmed with clients prior to ordering. Due to this no refunds are offered. Any faulty products will be exchanged if problems are confirmed to us within 7 days of receiving orders/prints.

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